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Terms & Conditions

 Terms & conditions

1. Free for members.

2. Customers are required to place orders on this website or mail us via email. You can pay after the order is placed or after the order is confirmed.

3. Payment first, then delivery.

4. For shipping cost, please check from the page of "Shipping Cost” for detail.

5. Order-confirm info will be sent to your email account within 12 hours.

6. For payment, please check from the page of  "Payment Method" for detail.

7. All goods will be inspected, and we ensure no more than 2% defect. 

8. We try to provide 100% good products and expect long-term cooperation.

9. For general measurement, please check from the product page or mail us to ask our stuff, the size info is just for reference.

10. If the quantity of stock cannot meet customers' orders. Customers could choose to refund the remaining money or use the remaining balance for the next order.


Whatsapp number 00905316877823 

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